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Loan Products

Loan Products

Partners for the Common Good (PCG) is a national, experienced, mission driven participation lender. We partner with other Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFIs) to provide capital to low-income people and communities by bringing capital and specialized knowledge of our target sectors to our lending partners. Our loan products include: affordable housing, community facilities and commercial real estate.


Our borrowers promote economic justice and opportunity for communities across the US and internationally.

We seek borrowers engaged in projects or activities that meet the following criteria:

Benefits of the Network

"Working with PCG has been very beneficial to our loan fund, primarily because it has allowed us to participate in larger loans that have had a greater impact on our target market. PCG has helped to build our capacity as a small and emerging loan fund, offering their expertise on multiple issues."

Executive Director of Legacy Redevelopment Corporation, Milwaukee, WI

Our Model

“Prior to rehabilitation, the building was boarded up, with graffiti covered windows and an uncontrolled parking lot plagued by drug dealing and prostitution. The restoration not only reclaimed the building’s physical beauty, but also played a central role in inspiring further investment at this intersection and in ultimately transforming it from a corner characterized by crime and vacant store fronts to a central hub of Latino commerce in South Minneapolis. PCG helped make it happen.

Our Story

Our history is rooted in the corporate responsibility movement of the 1970s. Using their corporate investments, religious institutions pressured companies to provide better working conditions or disinvest in Apartheid South Africa. These institutions also aimed to use a portion of their retirement and other investments to encourage access to capital for credit-starved low-income communities in the United States and to proactively support community organizations whose values resonated with their own.


Our vision is a world where low-income people have the means to support themselves and their families in dignity.

Our mission is to advance economic justice and opportunity for low–income people and communities.

We were created as a vehicle to allow socially conscious investors to put their money to work serving communities left out of the economic mainstream. We move our economy forward by financing community development and encouraging community engagement.

Member Representatives

PCG is a membership corporation comprised of faith based institutions committed to promoting economic justice through community investing. Our co-sponsoring members bring their names, reputations, vision, values and resources to support its mission of economic justice and provide leadership in supporting the growth of a permanent institution dedicated to investing in the common good. We invite institutions of all denominations and diverse traditions to join us in our collaborative effort.

Our members include: