Become a Lending Partner

Join us as a Lending Partner!

We partner with other Community Development Financial Institutions and Community Reinvestment Act-motivated organizations to invest in low-income people and communities across the country. Our participation lending finances community economic development projects in three main areas:

  1. Affordable Housing
  2. Community Facilities
  3. Commercial Real Estate

When we create a loan participation, we develop a single participation agreement with all sources (one or more financing partners) that:

  • Establishes the types of loans that will be originated
  • Specifies the parameters and roles of each lender in the relationship
  • Defines how loans will be co-funded, risk shared, and fees split

In a two-party participation, both organizations hold an interest in the loan on their balance sheets and are legally classified as direct co-lenders. In a multi-party participation, the amount of financing and risk sharing between the parties depends on the circumstances of each transaction and the needs of the participating capital sources. With all of our participation loans, the borrower receives a single loan from an originating lending partner. That lending partner retains the primary role as underwriter, monitor, technical assistance provider, and borrower relationship manager. 

Rates and Terms: Currently, our participation loan limit is $1,000,000 (total loan size is unrestricted), up to a 5 year term, with a maximum Loan-to-Value ratio of 90%. Terms and LTV can be greater on a case-by-case basis.

Become a lending partner today! Contact our Chief Lending Officer Rashida McGhie at or (202) 689-8935 x. 235 for more information.