Jie Wang

Photo of Jie Wang

Jie Wang is currently launching a Fintech startup that will provide many mission-driven financial institutions a web-based solution to effectively promote entrepreneurship in urban and rural communities. The company is looking to offer the service in late 2020.

Prior to leading this start-up, Ms. Wang spent 15 years at Promontory Interfinancial Network. She was the Senior Director and Head of Promontory Network’s Bank Assetpoint service. Bank Assetpoint is a nationwide marketplace for a variety of bank assets. The service is one of several financial services provided by the company to ~3,000 financial institutions, mostly community banks in its network. Ms. Wang also led the company’s Socially-Responsible Investing effort which includes the Banking on Communities campaign to help community banks to attract deposits— funding that can then be used to make loans in underserved communities. Prior to working at Promontory Network, she led and managed product strategy and business development efforts in communications technology companies ranging from Fortune 100s to start-ups. Ms. Wang is a graduate of Stanford University.