Our borrowers promote economic justice and opportunity for communities across the US and internationally.

We seek borrowers engaged in projects or activities that meet the following criteria:

  • Located in a low-income community to primarily serve low-income people.
  • Generate tangible benefits for low-income individuals and residents of the surrounding low-income communities. Tangible benefits may include provision of affordable housing, improvement of community facilities, increased availability of quality goods and services in underserved communities, enhanced job opportunities, and/or neighborhood revitalization.
  • Cannot be adequately served by conventional sources of financing
  • Have support of the local community
  • Economically feasible

We prioritize projects that are environmentally sensitive and contribute demonstrably to healthy communities. We will not support organizations or projects that exert significantly negative environmental influences on their communities. 

Our NMTC Projects

Community Facilities, Healthcare, NMTC
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Impact Summary

$5 million NMTC allocation funds medical center for low-income Philadelphia seniors.

Participating Lenders:
Community Facilities, NMTC
Chicago, Illinois
Impact Summary

$6 million NMTC allocation helps build new small food business incubator in Chicago.

Participating Lenders:
Community Facilities, Education, NMTC
Little Rock, Arkansas
Impact Summary

$7 million NMTC allocation helps construct Little Rock charter elementary and middle school for 1,245 students.

Participating Lenders:


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