Lessie Bates Davis Neighborhood House

 “It makes me feel good to be a part of a community outreach event. I am volunteering for the day. When I see the children smile after they get their book bag, it makes me happy. I know they need these supplies for school.” -Deja, a student of A.M. Jackson (speaking about volunteering at the Lessie Bates Davis Neighborhood House).

Lessie Bates Davis is a 100-year old social service agency in a very low income community of East St. Louis, IL. The organization operates four program areas: Children and Family Services, Youth Services, Support Services, and Jobs and Housing, for a total of 30 programs that assist local needs. This organization is considered by most stakeholders in the St. Louis metropolitan area to be the only nonprofit with adequate capacity to serve the residents of East St. Louis and neighboring communities. The organization serves 9,295 individuals annually, of which 98% are minorities, 90% are low-income, 11% are seniors, and 11% are youth.

PCG’s loan will bridge a working capital requirement arising from delays in program payments due from the State of Illinois. Over the past two years the State has been delaying payments to virtually all of its contract providers of social and human services. This loan will allow Lessie Bates to continue providing crucial social and human services to its surrounding community during an economic recession.


East St. Louis , IL

Participating Lenders: 

PCG Loan Amount: 

$304 000

Total Loan Amount: 

$608 000

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