Our Stories

Affordable Housing
Kearney, Nebraska
Impact Summary

Through PCG’S GAP Loan Program, PCG worked with Legacy Bank & Trust and Locke Capital to leverage Legacy Bank’s $3,275,000 funding with a PCG funded $400,000 subordinate tranche in Legacy Bank’s $3,675,000 loan. The loan refinanced short-term acquisition financing, will retain 97 units of affordable housing, and will provide bridge funding... Read More

New Orleans, Louisiana
Impact Summary

CSDC Facilities Corporation (CSF) is developing a two-phase $9,820,000 charter school facility to be leased to and occupied by Jefferson RISE, Inc. (RISE), a charter school located in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. The charter school opened with 120 students and has grown to accommodate 500 students in grades 6 through 10. The school’s current... Read More

Commercial Real Estate (Mixed Use), Community Facilities
Chicago, Illinois
Impact Summary

Green Era is developing a renewable energy and urban farming campus on a vacant brownfield site in South Chicago that will recycle organic waste (inedible food waste) to produce clean, renewable energy, compost for local food production, and green jobs for low-income residents. It is a high-impact project that will transform a vacant site into... Read More